Value Your Trade

Trade-In Value in Whittier

Hunting for a new vehicle in today’s market is so much easier when you have an old vehicle already available to put towards financing. A vehicle’s trade-in value in Whittier is the price Toyota of Whittier is willing to pay for your old used car. The funds from that sale can then be used as a down payment towards the purchase of a new vehicle from our impressive inventory.

There are a plethora of advantages to trading in your used vehicle for a new one. Check out our DIY tips and advice to make sure your vehicle’s in peak condition when you bring it to our lot to sell or read on to find out more about the perks of trading.

Benefits of Trading in Your Vehicle

Besides buying a household, buying a vehicle is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Selling your used car to Toyota of Whittier is a great way to begin funding your new car purchase and lowering the costs of financing.

Our savvy staff is always looking for vehicles to add to our vast inventory, whether they’re older or newer models. For our West Covina drivers, this is not only a lucrative way to get an old vehicle off your hands but depending on your vehicle’s trade-in value in Whittier, you can benefit financially in several other ways:

  • Financial Freedom: Most people who purchase a vehicle do so using an auto loan. Taking out a car loan is a phenomenal way to take advantage of different options in the market today. However, you can experience even more financing options when you trade in a vehicle.
  • Faster Purchase: Selling a car can be a difficult process, even with all the vehicle data available on the internet. It can take dozens of hours of negotiating and people trying to purchase your vehicle below market value before you find a deal that works best for you. Trading in your vehicle with Toyota of Whittier can be an affordable, quick, and sensible option for those wishing to avoid the pitfalls of private selling.
  • Better Value on New Vehicle: Our expert sales team at Toyota of Whittier knows precisely how much a vehicle’s market value is worth. You can lower the purchasing price of your new vehicle by negotiating with our car dealers, who will argue with the manufacturers on your behalf. Trading in a vehicle will commonly result in a substantial discount if you use the money from your sale to purchase a new vehicle from our inventory. 
  • Vehicle Trade-In Sales Tax: Unfortunately, if you live in a state with a higher sales tax, you have to spend a ton of money just on a vehicle purchase. However, if you trade in your Whittier vehicle, you’ll only end up paying the sales tax on the difference between your new vehicle’s purchase price and the value of your trade-in.

Find Out Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value in Whittier!

Now that you know more about the trade-in process, your next best step is to contact us here at Toyota of Whittier, bring your old vehicle down into our lot, and trade that in for a brand new vehicle from our inventory! Take advantage of our financing tool above to discover your car’s trade-in value in Whittier today! Our knowledgeable Finance Department can also answer any remaining questions you might have about the sales process and pre-approve your upcoming transactions.