College Car Tips from the Experts at Toyota of Whittier

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Are you graduating from high school in the greater Whittier? Can you bring your car to the college campus? We’re sure you’ve got plenty of things to worry about as you prepare for the next step in your education – stressing out about financing a new car should not be one of them!



College freshmen with little to no credit history don’t have to worry because we have a wide range of the best used cars for a college student on our Whittier lot! Find out more about college car tips from the finance team here at Toyota of Whittier to find out how to establish a better credit history if you need a car for college!

Common Car Financing Obstacles

Everyone from Los Angeles to Downey knows that college is a huge expense for students and their families. Do you need a car for college? Then you should take into account these common obstacles that students often run into when trying to finance a car:

  • Limited Credit
  • Limited Income
  • High-Interest Rates
  • Maximum Loan Amounts

How to Secure a Loan as a College Student

  1. Consider Opening a Debit Card or a Student Credit Card Account – If you don’t have any established credit, a good starting point is signing up to get your own credit card account. Over time, this can show lenders that you’re responsible with your money and can make payments on time.
  2. Find a Co-signer – As you continue to establish your credit history, you can rely on the help of someone you know that has good credit of their own to cosign for an auto loan. This is essentially like someone vouching for you and your ability to make timely payments. However, while a cosigner increases your ability to get approved, you must live up to your responsibilities to the dealer and on behalf of your cosigner.
  3. Save Up for a Down Payment – While this can make the wait for a new vehicle a little longer, saving up for a down payment allows you to not only continue building credit but also knock off a significant amount from your vehicle purchase. This will put you in a much better place when you do start making monthly payments, not to mention the fact that you’ll receive a smaller loan which is usually easier to approve.
  4. ​Choose an Affordable Vehicle: As much as any new college grad would like to show up behind the wheel of a high-quality, luxury vehicle, it’s important to be honest about what you can truly afford. Car loans for college students are only the beginning of some new responsibilities, so saving for a reliable and affordable model like one of our pre-owned vehicles priced under $10,000 will only serve you better in the long term.

Priced Under 10K Vehicles

Looking for a Toyota college car for an affordable price? There’s plenty of great options in our priced under $10,000 inventory! Many used car dealerships sell pre-owned vehicles under 10k, however, their selection is often limited to older models in questionable condition.

In contrast, Toyota of Whittier sells branded title vehicles. This means that we have an impressive stock of more recent models, all in great condition and affordably priced. It’s undeniable that we sell the best used cars for a college student – so check out our available models today!

Browse Our Available Vehicles at Toyota of Whittier Today!

If you can bring your car to college, then you owe it to yourself to show up in a stunning Toyota model so that you can make a great first impression! Get in touch with us today to speak to a team member who can help you get pre-approved for financing,value your trade if you plan on swapping your current car for a new one, or get a calculation of your monthly car payments!


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